Everyone has ideas. We bring them to life.

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Since 2008 we’ve worked with some of the largest global brands in the world.

With Our Team’s 15+ Years of Experience, We Know That Technology is Always Evolving

RAZUR’s proprietary process and mobile development framework brings continual innovation to your project – while planning for the future.

Conceptual: Set your initial hypothesis or integrate findings.
Create an Interactive Prototype: Identify any missing features.
Development of Application: Create and ship code.
User Testing: Get real world feedback.
Learn: What worked, where can we improve in next design?

Going from Idea to App Store

From concept to global scale, RAZUR has the experience to realize your project’s fullest potential. Here are just a few of the components of mobile development.

Persona and User Research

Let’s define who will use your product. What are the key features? What problem are we solving?

Discovery and User Stories

In discovery we uncover hidden opportunities while also defining what a user should be able to do inside your product.

Wireframes & Prototype

In this phase we lay out the framework of your product – like an architect designing the blueprints to a house.

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API Development

Building the backend to your website allows us to save and retrieve data. Think of this as your control panel.

Coding and Unit Testing

We are all aligned on what we are developing now – so it’s time to code. Then of course, we test!

User Testing

Before we release your code to the App Store, we test with real users. We then address any revisions or issues before launch.

Code Used for Mobile Development

We probably speak your language.

Don’t speak tech? That’s ok. We’ve used hundreds of analogies before – baking a cake is our favorite. Have another programming language preference? Ask away.

Ready to Build?

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