Bluetooth® / Proximity Marketing


Proximity Marketing


Targeting customers as they walk past you.


Our proximity advertising solution relies on Bluetooth® advertising (also known as BlueCasting). Studies show that up to 75% of cellular phones with Bluetooth are enabled, which allow the transmission of Bluetooth messages from a laptop or network direct to mobile phones.


How it Works


Our solution creates a 30-100 meter1 local wireless network around your business. When a customer approaches the network, the Bluetooth message is sent from your computer and the customer is given an option to receive your mobile ad: a text message, a video promotion, a photo or even your business card!


Example Usages


  • Small Business / Retail: A local coffee shop can send coupons to potential customers as they pass by the storefront
  • Tradeshows: send your business card to peoples’ phones as they walk past your booth
  • Sporting Events: offer discounted tickets for the next game to attendees
  • Clubs/Bars: Promote your next event without the mess of flyers
  • Promotional Events: send ringtones and wallpapers to event attendees
  • Government: Create community alert systems to quickly disseminate critical information (Article)


What’s it Cost?


Pricing starts at $1,299 USD for our Bluetooth devices with volume discounts available. Additional configuation options:


  • Campaign configuration with your message pre-installed
  • Wi-Fi package for branding local hotspots
  • Ability to manage multiple devices across multiple campaigns, globally
  • Analytics & Reporting


Services Offered


  • Program Development
  • Implementation
  • Operational Strategy

Contact Us


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